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Jun 10, 2019 | Digital Marketing

What exactly is a mobile friendly website?

More and more while talking to digital agencies, web designers or even your business colleagues you’ve probably heard the term “mobile optimised” or “responsive website”, along with “it’s a must” or “you can’t have a website without it” when discussing a new website design project. But what is it? And is it really a must?

In simple terms a mobile optimised website or a responsive website is one that can be easily read on mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets as well as on your desktop computer or laptop. Is it important? Absolutely!!

Bring up the topic of marketing or advertising your business and you’ll more than likely be met with phrases like,”oh it just confuses me,” or “I can’t be bothered looking into that,” or my personal favourite, “It’s all a scam, none of it works.” All phrases commonly used, but delve a little deeper and you’ll find that most people want to market and advertise there business, they just haven’t got a clue where to start!

It’s not surprising that most businesses don’t know where to start when marketing their business. You’re overwhelmed with the sheer number of people saying they can help, that their product is better that another companies and they are the ones who can generate you thousand of pounds in new customers. A tricky situation for anyone to be in.

For me this is a result of the industry since the days of using sales reps or the modern day business development manager to push or promote their company and products, all on sales targets fighting to earn commission. A fair practice in business, however it’s left a lot of people with a tainted view of marketing and companies that proactively pursue clients.

“Our job is to connect to people, to interact with them in a way that leaves them better than we found them, more able to get where they’d like to go.” – Seth Godin

The purpose of this blog article is to give you a better understanding of how to market your business so you can make an informed decision when choosing how, where and with who to use. I’ve tried to keep it as  unbiased as possible and looking at marketing completely objectively however there will be some cross over with the products our company sells. So where do we begin?

We need to “BE FOUND”

“Well, duh! Of course we want potential customers to find us, how else will they know we exist!?” Sounds really simple doesn’t, but what exactly does it mean?

“Being found” is making sure that your business is visible to potential customers in the places they are looking. This could be anywhere from a local newspaper/magazine, when they search online, if they look in directories or even looking on social media.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 5 years you’ll be aware that more and more people are now searching for businesses and information online and even more now via social media on Facebook and Twitter. So it’s key to have an online presence with a website and social media profiles. Just by having an active presence online opens you up to a whole new selection of potential customers.

Now this doesn’t take away from printed media. There is still a huge selection of consumers that still prefer to use print to gather information such as magazines, newspapers and directories and a section of consumers that will use both printed and internet sources.

What do I need?

• A website
• Social media profiles on Facebook and Twitter
• Presence in printed media such as local magazines or directories.

So how do I get “CHOSEN”?

Another question that has an even simpler answer than “being found”. How do you get your business chosen? You have to look the part! Nothing more, nothing less. When people find your business in any of the ways you’ve chosen, make sure it looks good. First impressions count and you only get once chance at it. And lets not forget potential customers have ample choice of people too choose from, so making sure it’s done right is vital.

The only thing worse than not marketing you business, is marketing it badly. When a potential customer visits your website, browses your social media or looks at one of your adverts in a local magazine or directory, they are instantly making a judgment as to whether or not your business can help them. If your website looks good, has the right information on and is easy for them to gather it.

So how do you look good?

• Have a professionally (and completed) website designed
• Ensure your website has relevant information about your business
• Have a recognisable logo on all your adverts / website / social media
• Ensure adverts / artwork is designed clear and easy to read
• Have the correct contact number and email address on there.
• Have a space to show customer testimonials
• Show examples of your work and completed projects


So there you have it, marketing made simple. Make sure you potential customers can find you, and make sure they choose you when they find you.

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