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Graffiti Campaigns

Reach a new audience and create a buzz while telling
your story like a boss.

Reach A New Audience

Clean advertising or reverse graffiti is a fantastic way for businesses to get their message across to potential customers. It works by creating a stencil with your logo, message or event. With this stencil we can then place it on the ground over dirty or soiled pavements and surfaces and then clean over it, removing any dirt within the stencil to leave your advert visible for people to see. It’s an eco friendly form of advertising that gets your brand seen in places you normally wouldn’t.

Grab Attention

Make noise with your brand and grab attention.

Create a Buzz

Use hash tags and create a social media buzz.

Reach A New Audience

Be creative and capture a whole new audience

Promote an Event

Promote a local event, gig or a new store opening.

Brand Awareness

Get your brand noticed in a creative new way.


Get People Talking

Get people talking about your brand, product or event.

With reverse graffiti or clean advertising we can deliver your message effectively in high footfall areas.

How long do the impressions last for?

Our reverse graffiti or clean advertising campaigns can last from 1 week up to 4 weeks. It depends on several factors including the weather, how much footfall the area has and if the council employs street cleaners. Some of our campaigns have been seen to last up to 8 weeks.

How much do reverse graffiti campaigns cost?

Each reverse graffiti campaign is different so we have to take into account several factors when providing a quote. Stencil size, location, how many impressions and how soon you require them doing will determine how much your clean advertising campaign will cost. Once we have all the above information we will provide you with a free no obligation quotation. We provide discounts for customers who undertake regular reverse graffiti campaigns.

Is reverse graffiti / clean advertising legal?

This is a widely debated topic on the internet with many people sharing their views on its legality. Now for many including some local councils, because of the name “reverse graffiti” it’s viewed as an act of vandalism, creating eye sores in city centres up and down the country. For others, it’s nothing more than “cleaning” the ground in a certain pattern.

Why not read our blog article on “Reverse Graffiti Legality. Is “Clean Advertising” Legal in the UK?”


Getting people to see your brand or message can be tough, but with clean advertising or reverse graffiti it allows you to deliver your message effectively in high footfall areas.

You may have a local event that is upcoming or want to promote your new shop and with reverse graffiti we can target areas you wish such as city centre’s, outside colleges, near bus stations and more. To get maximum exposure for your clean advertising we advise choosing areas that have high footfall.

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