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Website Design – A Quick Guide to Website Pricing

Feb 2, 2020 | Websites

So exactly how much does a website cost?

A common question people ask during the search for a new website is how much does it cost? How much does website design in Manchester cost. Unfortunately, the answer is not simple and is almost always subjective and dependant on the customers requirements.

It’s likely you’ve got friends in business or heard of businesses paying as little as £100 for a new website, whereas others have paid in excess of £10,000! So what’s the difference? Why does one website cost more than another and what can you expect to pay for a new website?


Let’s start by talking about the different kind of websites.


Single page
A single page website is becoming a popular choice for businesses wanting to have a basic online presence. Consisting of a single web page and containing basic information about the business including who they are, what they do and how to contact them.

Small (usually 4 or 5 pages)
A website that goes a little more in depth about the company, products and services they offer and portfolio of work by having individual pages about each service with more detail. These are great starting points for any business to get online at an affordable price and show the world what they have to offer.

Medium (usually 10-25 pages)
Medium websites go into even more detail about the business than a small website and usually doing this by creating individual web pages for each of the products or services they offer. This allows potential customers to learn more about specific products or services to make a buying decision. This is also great for SEO purposes and helps to rank your website for more keywords and terms.

Large (usually 25-50 pages)
For businesses that have a lot of products or services that need to be displayed with the relevant information. You will find these websites have lots of content to display and extra care is taken with the design when creating the customer journey that ultimately leads to an enquiry. Really good for SEO purposes.

An online shop selling products or services directly to users. This could be selling 100 products or less or even thousands of products with very high volumes of sales. The prices of these websites tend to be the most varied when obtaining quote from several sources.

Website design Manchester prices - how much does a website cost?

Let’s have a look at the different places you can get a website built…


1 – DIY website builders such as WIX, 1&1 and Squarespace.
These are very low cost solutions in terms of upfront and ongoing cost, however they do take up a lot of time. Although they are advertised as “quick and simple” by using a drag and drop builder to create your website in minutes, they rarely ever are. But if you’ve never built a website before, it’s unlikely to be “quick and simple”. Not only have you got to create your own layout which looks great, you’ve got to write all the content, and on top of that you’ll want to make sure it gets found on Google so you’ll have to make sure it’s SEO ready. Quick and simple right?

Pricing – The DIY builders can cost as little as £3 per month and go up to £25 per month..


2 – Freelance web designer
A freelance web designer is a sole trader who usually works from home and builds websites for small and medium businesses. Ideal for people who would like a more personal and interactive service when building a website. Website design prices from freelancers can vary quite a bit and you’re not always guaranteed to find a good one – mainly because there are a lot of people who design websites part time as a hobby and don’t necessarily have the right skills and experience for your desired outcome.

Websites built by freelancers can range from adapting an existing website theme and layout to completing creating a custom build from scratch which is totally bespoke to your business.

Pricing – Freelancers prices can range from £100 – £2000 depending on your requirements.

A website theme is something that has already been created by a third party web developer and it is then adapted to match the colour theme, style and tone of your business. Using themes are much quicker when it comes to building websites and can reduce your costs, however they can be limited in functionality and not always meet your requirements.

3 – Digital Agency
Working with digital agencies is often the most cost effective and complete solution you can find for a new website, however website design prices will greatly vary depending on the size of the agency you are dealing with and the scale of your project. An example may be that a small digital agency will quote £499 to build a 5 page website whereas a large digital agency will quote £3500. 

So what’s the difference, is one agency better than another? Agencies usually have very different ways of doing things and charge for their services based on multiple factors including experience, process, outcome, expected ROI and even overheads. That’s right, a big city centre Manchester digital agency has a much bigger rent bill than a small agency on the outskirts.

Websites built by digital agencies can range from adapting an existing website theme and layout to completing creating a custom build from scratch which is totally bespoke to your business. Depending on which solution you choose will determine the cost of your new website.

If you are choosing a digital agency for your new website make sure you ask them to showcase the relevant experience needed and examples of previous work so you can be sure you’ve made the right choice.

Pricing – Digital Agency prices can range from £500 – £25,000+ depending on your requirements.


In summary…


So we’re still no closer to answering your original question are we? And I don’t think we’ll ever get to a definitive answer on how much a website costs!

But, and there’s always a but…. here at Digital Refresh we’ve made it simple when it comes to website design prices by creating 3 fixed price website packages for those who require a straight forward approach to taking their business online.

These packages won’t be suitable for everyone but if you’re looking to take your business online with your first website then these could be just the ticket.

Scroll down to see our affordable website prices.

Website Pricing Guide

We’ve created 3 fixed cost packages which are suited to most businesses looking for an affordable website. Whether it’s a dynamic single page website with multiple tabs for very easy navigation or a multiple pages ideal to give a greater insight into your business and services.

Fixed price affordable web design in Rochdale

Multi Page

+ Up to 5 pages
+ Mobile friendly
+ Free. co.uk domain
+ Professional content
+ On-page SEO


Fixed price affordable web design in Rochdale
Multi PagePro
+ Up to 10 pages
+ Mobile friendly
+ Free. co.uk domain
+ Professional content
+ On-page SEO


Fixed price affordable web design in Rochdale


+ E-Commerce
+ Bespoke functionality
+ Mobile friendly
+ Professional content
+ On-page SEO


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