What Is Mobile Optimisation?

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More and more while talking to digital agencies, web designers or even your business colleagues you’ve probably heard the term “mobile optimised” or “responsive website”, along with “it’s a must” or “you can’t have a website without it” when discussing a new website design project. But what is it? And is it really a must?

In simple terms a mobile optimised website or a responsive website is one that can be easily read on mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets as well as on your desktop computer or laptop. Is it important? Absolutely!!

Why is mobile website optimisation important?


Figures show that as many as 70% of all internet searches are done from mobile devices. This means your potential customers are searching for your service on their mobile phone or tablet and if your website design isn’t mobile friendly then you’ll be missing out on potential business.

Google’s own statistics have said that:

  • 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble with
  • 40% said they’d visit a competitors mobile site instead

You can see that with the above statistics from Google that if internet users can’t get the information they want on a website with ease, they would try a website where they can read the information their looking for. But wait, that’s not the only reason you want to invest in a mobile optimised website design.

Google Boosts Mobile Friendly Websites in Its Search Rankings


It was back in March 2015 that Google originally announced that it would be favouring mobile friendly websites over non mobile friendly ones and everyone was in a frenzy to update their websites. Google would begin to penalise and lower website ranking if it wasn’t optimised for mobile phones and tablets.

The reason behind this is Google offers a service to its users that allows them to find information quickly and easily. If Googles users become dissatisfied with the search results because they can’t read the websites they will likely start to use another search engine. It’s all about customer experience. And this is exactly the same for your business and your customers.

The easier you can make the journey for a potential customer from searching for your service, to finding your business to finally making the decision to contact you, the better. (See our article, Be Found, Be Chosen.)

If you’re unsure of where to go next with your website, then speak with a reputable local website design company and they will be able to advice you on how mobile friendly your website is and how much it will cost to upgrade it.

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